Trailer Trash Podcast Episode Three

On this episode of Trailer Trash, Blake and Chris have salon quality hair, discover the true ‘Bigger Jaws’ and drool over the greatest teaser ever. Anchorman 2  The Walking Dead [...]


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode Two

Blake Glasbergen and Chris D’Alessandro are back to trash more trailers! Don’t forget to check out the links below and leave us a comment about what you think about the [...]


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode One

Welcome to Trailer Trash! The podcast where Blake Glasbergen and Chris D’Alessandro lament, worship, drool over and indeed trash the latest movie trailers!


Purple Podcast – Megapack!

Now you have a sampling of TdotComics’s Purple Podcasts to check out, with some of our lovely contributors including: Zach Ellis, Chris D’Alessandro, Ryan Burgess, Sam Maggs, Michael Ryan, Justin Mohareb, Ricky Lima & Alice Quinn.


Site News April 2012 – Purple Podcast

It has been a while since I just talked about all the updates happening on the website so I am just going to take a breather & reflect in this [...]

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Quinntessential Comix #5 with Jim Zub

This week I sit down with Jim Zub and we chat about Skullkickers, Makeshift Miracle, Image Comics, creator owned Comics, & working over email. I hope you enjoy this episode half as [...]


Quinntessential Comix #4 Book Club

This is the first Book Club edition of Quinntessential Comix! The books we discuss this month are The Stuff of Legend Book 1 The Dark by Mike Raicht, and The [...]


Quinntessential Comix #3 with Anthony Del Col from Kill Shakespeare

This week I am joined by Anthony Del Col of Kill Shakespeare as we discuss the release of the second volume of Kill Shakespeare, the recent live performance, & whats [...]


Quinntessential Comix #2 – Maurice Vellekoop

You are in for a real treat! I was very fortunate to have Maurice Vellekoop in the studio, and we chat about Gloria Badcock, sex, art, and throw Spock a [...]