Report on: Anime North 2013 ^_^

May 24th to 26th is the launch of undisputed launch of Toronto’s convention summer. By the bus load, everybody over 14 who can name more than 100 Pokemon heads to [...]


Legend of Korra, bending elements of awesome

I haven’t watched anime in a very long time- Why some might ask? I feel like I’ve already watched all the good ones. Like with every genre in every medium [...]


DIY Comic Art Book Camp: Part I – Da Gear

Fifteen years ago, I was very much like you: I wanted to learn how to draw like a comic book artist. Now, let me be clear – I didn’t want [...]


Report on Anime North 2012

Anime North (May 25th to 27) is big, no denying it. Even with the cap on the number of people allowed to register, it’s still the largest anime convention in Canada and one of the biggest fan conventions in North America. With more than you can possibly absorb in the time allotted, it is a sugoi spectacle giving the chance to embrace all things Japanese or just get away with rampant nerdy gushing. Of the Canadian events, only Fan Expo even compares in scale.

Team Rocket take off indeed

Tales from a N00b Anime North

I take in all that is Anime North for the first time and get whip-smacked in the face-hole with all the awesome that the event promised to be.


Sailor Moon Nostalgia hour

Anime North is around the corner, so I would like to talk to you about Sailor Moon, a show that’s part of every Otaku’s heritage. Bleach. Naruto. Death Note. Popular [...]

anime north banner

Anime North 2012 attendee cap.

A short consideration of what the attendee cap for Anime North 2011 means for the convention this summer.


Avenging Spider-Man: Best Title of the Year?

By Peter Kuebeck Go out and buy Avenging Spider-Man. Right NOW. I’ll wait. And I’m not kidding, either. I’ve read a lot of titles this year, from Image to the DC [...]


Anime North 2011

This chronicles Alice’s Adventures at Anime North 2011 to see part one read on here day 2 I crashed at Heada’s place after day one so we could get ready together. We were going to [...]