Report On: Anime North 2014

Sempai gonna notice the fuck out of you. Anime North, a landmark event on a scale that’s hard to understand. Pushing the limits of the capacity of the Toronto Congress [...]


Report On: GTA Comic Con

The Burlington Toy Show couldn’t keep their summer events in Burlington as there were no more venues with the capacity to host them. So over a year ago they began [...]


Report On: Toronto Comic-Con 2014

The Toronto Comic-Con (March 7-9) is called Mini-FanExpo or FanExpo Jr. for good reasons. A lot of guests, a ton of cosplay, and just enough events to ring people to the [...]


Report On: Con-G 2014

Last year during Con-G’s closing ceremonies it was announced that 2014 would be the last Con-G. Too many organizers have moved on with their lives and away from Guelph so [...]


Report On: Artist Project Toronto 2014

Hundreds of artists, thousands of artworks, a maze of walled off displays where for a weekend, what must be the biggest creative convergence in Ontario. The Artist Project Contemporary Art [...]


Report On: Toronto Tea Festival

Tea is a fundamental part of 1st World custom. Flavored hot water to warm, caffinate, and satiates the pallet. It’s no wonder it’s literally addictive. Millions of people make it [...]


Report On: Burlington Toy Show 2014

The Burlington Toy Show has spent what felt like the last two years expanding, leaving the Holiday Inn Burlington for the quickly loaded Atrium Banquet & Conference Center, then it [...]


Calendar Building 2014

More conventions, more coverage, more cosplay. The convention season never ends. More movies, more comics, more toys. TdotComics coverage of previous occurrences of events is in [brackets]. Reading past coverage [...]


Report On: Toronto Anime/Comicon 2013

Past years the December events from Hobbystar have been rather low-key, with a few dealers and mostly just used an excuse to cosplay. With Informa’s acquisition of Hobbystar properties it was [...]