Report On: Toronto Comic-Con 2014

The Toronto Comic-Con (March 7-9) is called Mini-FanExpo or FanExpo Jr. for good reasons. A lot of guests, a ton of cosplay, and just enough events to ring people to the [...]


Report On: Con-G 2014

Last year during Con-G’s closing ceremonies it was announced that 2014 would be the last Con-G. Too many organizers have moved on with their lives and away from Guelph so [...]


Report On: Artist Project Toronto 2014

Hundreds of artists, thousands of artworks, a maze of walled off displays where for a weekend, what must be the biggest creative convergence in Ontario. The Artist Project Contemporary Art [...]


Report On: Toronto Tea Festival

Tea is a fundamental part of 1st World custom. Flavored hot water to warm, caffinate, and satiates the pallet. It’s no wonder it’s literally addictive. Millions of people make it [...]


Report On: Burlington Toy Show 2014

The Burlington Toy Show has spent what felt like the last two years expanding, leaving the Holiday Inn Burlington for the quickly loaded Atrium Banquet & Conference Center, then it [...]


Calendar Building 2014

More conventions, more coverage, more cosplay. The convention season never ends. More movies, more comics, more toys. TdotComics coverage of previous occurrences of events is in [brackets]. Reading past coverage [...]


Report On: Toronto Anime/Comicon 2013

Past years the December events from Hobbystar have been rather low-key, with a few dealers and mostly just used an excuse to cosplay. With Informa’s acquisition of Hobbystar properties it was [...]


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×8 “Too Far Gone”

Given the absolute disaster that was last season’s assault on the prison, hopes were running high that Season 4 Episode 8, “Too Far Gone,” would deliver a battle much bloodier, explodier, and deadlier than before. And deliver it did.


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×7 “Dead Weight”

In Season 4 Episode 7, “Dead Weight,” The Governor, a.k.a. Phillip, a.k.a. Brian, has either given in to his impulse for total dominance, or he never once gave it up. Some might see that as a flaw; I see it as just enough duality to allow my own interpretation.