Burlington Toy Show

I had to chose between the Burlington Toy Show and A&C Games’ Tetris Tournament, I decided to go to the Burlington Toy Show since it’s closer and my Tetris power is enough that I don’t need to prove it to anybody.

The event ran from 10:00 to 3:00 pm, which meant I would have to wake up early (truthfully I usually don’t get out of bed until 3pm at the earliest) however I understood that the event has to wrap up early since people have Thanksgiving dinners to go to. The venue for the Burlington Toy Show was the same Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center used for Conbravo, although it used only a couple of large rooms and didn’t have any event rooms, (or events). But the entry fee was only $4 which is actually less than I expected.

I got the vibe that most of the vendors at the event knew each other, and things made a lot more sense when I found out there were five of these toy shows a year so they likely did. I helped a couple of kids figure out how to transform a Classic Megatron, but on the other end of the spectrum, two gentlemen selling some old vinyl records joked with a kind humor that reminded me of my dad. Yikes. After a few cycles of the two rooms I was left with nothing to do, but I would end up going to a vendor to buy a cheaply priced G.I.Joe and end up getting into a fun forty minute discussion about X-Men First Class or whatever. Actually the dudes who seemed to be having the most fun just hanging out were the dudes who I’m used to seeing run  TFcon.

I wasn’t able to find exactly what I wanted, but a decent deal on a G.I.Joe playset quickly put me over budget. One of the vendors I passed was selling a ton of Mint-in-box Transformers from Revenge Of The Fallen, but, not the ones who actually appeared in the movie. I do have to wonder if I, the dude who was at Botcon, isn’t buying these, who actually would? Also of questionable resale value: The three tables covered in beany babies.

A brilliant move on part of the organizer’s was for pizza to be passed to all the vendors. Pizza is always a good idea.

So that’s how I wasted the money I picked up by taking the extra Thanksgiving weekend shift at work on Sunday. The next Burlington Toy Show is in January 8th 2012. (I’ll be sure to add it onto the Tdotcomics Calendar later). But since there’s five of these a year, I’m not sure I’d give the event priority over something only annual.

Hey, here’s a fun bonus, I was able to pull aside Steve Buckley, the dude in charge, to ask him a few questions in a highly unprofessional interview I don’t know how to embed into this post…

Burlington Toy Show Interview.

The next big event on my Nerd Calendar is the 8th Canadian Action Figure Expo on Sunday, October 30th. It’s organized by Colin Douglas, monarch of TFCon, so I’m there.

- Michael Ryan

Anybody have a loose Brave Max they can let go for around $230? Korean version is good. I’m also looking for a couple of loose Sky-Bytes.

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