Burlington Toy Show (January 2012)

The Burlington Toy Show doesn’t have any cosplayers or panels or special guests, so it might not qualify as a “convention” but with a super-low fee to get in and plenty of opportunities to lose money, I personally am glad to call January 8th an exceptionally early start to the 2012 convention season.

For those of you who familar with the event wondering what’s different from when I covered it in October- not much. Certainly some of the vendors are different and the layout has shifted, but mostly it’s the same thing. Prize drawings every half hour for vouchers redeemable at any vendor in the show.

I personally arrived rather late because of my irregular sleeping patterns. But even with only an hour to explore there were still a lot of good deals I couldn’t afford to seize (and some I regret passing on). I was able to grab a Beast Wars toy, some G.I. Joe vehicles, and a nice “1/6 scale” figure of Kyo Kusanagi in the same outfit of his that I wore to Fanexpo 2011. Once again, I passed on the Beanie Babies. Overall the prices at this convention were unbeatable, just make sure to show up looking to buy things that are cool, rather than looking for specific items. The most unexpected item? Exotic foreign cereals imported from America.

The TFCon group was there again although they didnt have any exciting details about their year’s TFcon to leak. After an hour I began to watch the spectacle of everybody disassembling their displays and repacking unsold inventory. I’d love to get a time-lapse of the convention set up.

Because of renovations at the hotel, the next Burlington Toy Show (date unconfirmed) is apparently going to be at a different burlington hotel. For an event where each outing is so similar, it will be an interesting exploration of how much an event is defined by the venue. Details will be listed on the TdotComics calendar once the Burlington Toy Show has the information verified on their own website, in the interim you can follow them on facebook.

The next event in the GTA is Emiko’s Mini Convention out in Guelph. Because of it’s location I’m uncertain if anybody will be able to cover it, more details om EMC are available at their very noisy website.

-Michael Ryan just got confirmation he’s going back to Botcon this year.



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