Report On: Burlington Toy Show 2014

The Burlington Toy Show has spent what felt like the last two years expanding, leaving the Holiday Inn Burlington for the quickly loaded Atrium Banquet & Conference Center, then it grew in and out of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Now at the start of 2014 on January 19th, they receded back into the Holiday Inn for a smaller scale event that was a good warm-up for what’s sure to be an exciting year.

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Nestled inside of the regular exhibitors and vendors was “Mego North“. Canada’s fan convention for fans of the Mego toy-line which had a major position in the toy shelves until the line’s death in 1982. Although thanks to “Robot Chicken” there has been renewed interest. Not enough to support their own Canadian Convention, but enough to get some designated space inside an established event. Smart idea! With the number of shows in a year already full, piggy-backing conventions could become an important trend, which gives attendees more value for their dollar.

To commemorate this gathering of Canadian Mego enthusiasts, a “Rocket Robin Hood” figure was produced in limited quantities (15). Rocket Robin Hood being the title character of a pulp sci-fi show from the sixties that was perhaps terrible and certainly Canadian and somehow actually memorable. So being incarnated into a toy tribute to a dead line is roughly appropriate. It’s more about fun than glory, the quality of the toy itself is irrelevant.

Aside from MEGO there was the usual variety of odds and ends. Transformers, numerous Barbies from the “Pyzon’s Playhouse” vendors, one vendor selling old records. Perhaps not everything you can look for but always a few tempting pieces of  vintage and recent memorabilia, either lose or mint in package. Many good deals, a few questionably priced items.

The ever-evil Dr. Stevil took his typical duties hosting the costume contest, and “Cosplay For a Cure” had a (poorly positioned) photo set. Lots of friendly faces dressed as familiar characters. And a couple arcade machines because those are cool too. Colin from the Ontario Collector’s Conventions was there hyping their five events planned for 2014.


The vanilla Burlington Toy Show started off the GTA convention year. It was very relaxed and the frosty weather kept people from getting too excited. But in April, Renegade Promotions Group will move beyond Burlington to hold the long-developed “GTA Comic Con” at the Sheraton Airport Hotel with more of everything and an impressive line-up of guests (although Rob Liefeld will be absent due to other comittments caused by external factors).

-Michael Ryan January 22nd 2014

Awww yeah always worth it when I get a new Digimon anything.

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