Burlington Toy Show: Spring 2012

Less than three months since the last one, and it’s time for another Burlington Toy Show. The last two were fun for a few hours, but there was a bit of a lack of energy to the convention. So they stepped up their game with a new venue, new attractions, but keeping same basic draw: toys!

The new location, the Atrium Banquet & Conference Center was smaller than last time at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center but the attendance was higher. However there wasn’t any point where I felt like I was crowded. One notable difference from the last two times was there were more kids scampering around. It’s good to see kids indoctrinated with collector mentality early in life. All the basic toy vendors represented:

● The Retro Gamer (http://retroseek.com/) selling some old video game consoles at very good prices. No Shaq Fu though.
● A familiar pile of Beanie Babies and high grade Barbies.
● Somebody selling Lego.
● Many guys selling Transformers, including tables manned by Cybertron.ca members Nullray and Matrix_Holder. The popular subject: How will the upcoming Botcon convention play out? I look to find out!
● And holding it all together, many dudes selling old 80s and 90s stuff. Like figures from the “Mars Attacks” toyline.
I was able to score a Greymon from a dollar bin, which is a pretty good deal since Digimon merchandise isn’t too common – likely because the toy isn’t actually that good. I also bought a couple of old Transformers who I promptly lost because I’m dumb.

But on top of just toy vendors there were a couple of new attractions: Former professional wrestlers The Nasty Boys socialized with attendees and shared their experience in the various leagues they were in. Very friendly. Across from their table, The Hammer City Roller Girls were looking good.

But the big change to the event was a costume contest. There were only three contestants so it wasn’t really fierce competition and the whole thing was pretty informal. Catwoman came in first place, beating Magneto and then Strawberry Shortcake. Afterwards a brief photo-shoot with the Nasty Boys and the Roller Girls. Hopefully in the future the GTA Cosplay scene will get wind of the Burlington Toy Show – since they’ll play dress up for any event, even those without prizes.

This Burlington toy show had a lot more energy than last two combined. Next time (same location) will continue to escalate the event with a 3rd room full of dealers and guests. Since they have so many a year, I’m not going to be upset if I miss one because I’m at an (only annual) event like the upcoming Wizard World Toronto. But if I have a free weekend, I don’t mind going to the coolest event that’s within biking distance of Oakville.

● The next big event on the 2012 Convention Calendar is He-Con & the 80s Toy Expo on April 1st.

● Soon after that, TdotComics is exhibiting at Wizard World Toronto on April 14th.

●If you’re interesting the next Burlington Toy Show, it’s already been announced for June 3rd this year.

Michael Ryan, 21/4/12

-But seriously did anybody find those two Beast Wars figures I left there? One’s a black bat/bull and the other is a blue roach. I just can’t find them in my bag and have checked everywhere on my end. Maybe I should call the hotel or something.

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