Book Club: Surrealist Superheroes Quinntessential Comix 15

Boy do we have a sweet episode for you today! Book Club Surrealist Superheroes edition, books recommended by Aaron: Umbrella Academy Vol.1 Apocalypse Suite, Vol.2 Dallas and Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, in particular Vol.2 The Painting that Ate Paris. Unfortunately Umbrella Academy is not available in the Toronto Public library but it is a really good read & you should check it out.

As usual the episode contains spoilers to the books, as we discuss them in detail we recommend that you read Umbrella Academy & then Doom Patrol for a more enjoyable reading experience. Hope you enjoy the background we filled with surrealist & dada imagery, we go a little crazy with the theme in this one.


You can find out about past & upcoming book clubs, as well as recommend books on our book club homepage.


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