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Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove’ All Teeth but No Bite

Netflix has been making headlines recently with its slate of original series, and with good reason. House of Cards (based on a BBC television series of the same name), starring [...]


Convention Survival Guide

With convention season starting earlier and earlier, and with more and more comic, gaming, and anime conventions starting up each year, it’s getting simpler to attend conventions and, thus, to [...]


Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: Beware the Magic Players…

I’ve played in my fair share of Magic: The Gathering tournaments over the years, and though I’m still pretty bad I’ve finally started to finish “in the money.”  What makes [...]


Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: Putting the Game Together

If you’re like me, when you’re playing a particular game you over-prepare. If it’s D&D, and you’re a player then you read up on all the options, select the best [...]


Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: The Horror and Shame of… Too Many Games

We all love gaming and collecting the games we like. But what happens when a gaming collection turns into an episode of ‘Hoarders’?


The Kindle Fire: Your Comics Powerhouse

  The holidays have left us now – the egg nog is drunk, the decorations put away, the hangovers nursed, and troublesome relatives packed off again to the back of [...]


Why I Didn’t Like ‘Skyfall’

I want to, first of all, state that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS in this article. If you haven’t seen Skyfall (the new James Bond film) yet, don’t read this. Second, I [...]


Fatale: A Creepy Triumph of Style… and Some Substance

Image Comics’ Fatale hits all the right notes of the weird noir genre… but still feels hollow.


Giving the Gift of Geek: A Holiday Buyers’ Guide for the Comic Art Lover

Salutations, friends! We are now on the very cusp of the holiday season. Tinsel is flying. Mistletoe is being hung. Snowflakes are settling cutely on noses (in some areas.) Thus, I, from [...]