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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Do at FanExpo

Thus, Blake Glasbergen and I felt like we couldn’t really take on the entire con. So while we sniffed out previews, teasers and trailers for our Trailer Trash podcast, we decided to try and do a few things at FanExpo that nobody else would.


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode Three

On this episode of Trailer Trash, Blake and Chris have salon quality hair, discover the true ‘Bigger Jaws’ and drool over the greatest teaser ever. Anchorman 2  The Walking Dead [...]


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode Two

Blake Glasbergen and Chris D’Alessandro are back to trash more trailers! Don’t forget to check out the links below and leave us a comment about what you think about the [...]


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode One

Welcome to Trailer Trash! The podcast where Blake Glasbergen and Chris D’Alessandro lament, worship, drool over and indeed trash the latest movie trailers!


Popcorn Panel: A Good Day to Die Hard

We sent writers Claire Brassard and Alix Vander Vlugt to the premier of A Good Day to Die Hard. Check out their opinions in our Popcorn Panel! Claire Brassard On its [...]


Photo-Bombing with Chris

Photos by: Blake Glasbergen Entering Fan Expo feels like that scene in Scott Pilgrim and The Infinite Sadness, when Scott and Todd race into Honest Ed’s and lose their minds. [...]


Popcorn Panel: The Amazing Spider-Man

Welcome to Popcorn Panels, the movie review that feels just like sitting in a theater full of know-it-all nerds as they loudly offer their expert opinions on your long-awaited blockbuster! [...]


‘The Last of Us’ wins E3.

E3 is all about winners and losers. Here’s the winner.   If you’re like me you spent all last week watching press coverage of E3 and trying to figure just [...]


Bots and Babes: Sweet Threads and Awesome Comics

  Contrary to popular conception, being a comic-book lover does not dictate dressing like your mom lays out your clothes for you in the morning. So cast aside your tucked-in, [...]