report on: Art-O-Con 2013

The Holiday Inn in Burlington was home to ConBravo! on two occasions, and the Burlington Toy Show also called the venue home. While both of those events have moved to larger facilities, the hotel now generates excitement with Jaded Dragon Studio‘s Art-O-Con, where on May 5th 2013, hundreds of creative individuals sold their wares.

As always, the full gallery of photos from the event is on TdotComic’s Facebook page.


Every kind of visual artist was there, from comic artists you would expect on Deviant Art to novelty knitters you would expect on Etsy, and a few steampunk prop developer, too. While there were fewer exhibiting artists than at the colossus FanExpo, there was at least fifty percent more variety at less then a tenth of the admission price. There were tables and tents of trinkets, prints and hand-crafted nick-knacks galore.

In addition to artists, a few tables were reserved for C-List movie distributors “Troma” and the Canadian Horror movie company “Black Fawn Distribution“. Also adding colour to the convention were a few cosplayers: Finishing their extremely busy week of numerous comic store appearances were the Toronto Batman and the X-Men of Toronto (no affiliation), whose Magneto was not eating Doritos. And there were also Daleks and Ghostbusters, because it isn’t a convention without them. Dr. Stevil, ever in character, was there, this time wearing a new hat representing the Shark with a Laser he always wanted.


While there was plenty to see and many artists to interact with, the events schedule was rather bare, and there was half an hour left between each event. So while the events might have entertained for a few hours (which is a reasonable amount for the $5 admission), I couldn’t see many attendees staying for the whole nine hours of the convention. Perhaps some of the artists could have been recruited to give seminars on their crafts and creative process.

On the day of Art-O-Con I had the option of traveling from Oakville to Burlington for the event, or traveling (further) into Toronto for the Canadian Toy Fare. While I can’t interact with my alternate self to see if I made the right choice, I know I had a lot more fun at Art-O-Con than I would have just staying at home. Next year Art-O-Con is sure to have even more artists and attractions on display in the most diverse cluster of creativity I can imagine. I didn’t buy much this time, but unlike the last Art Show I was at, the pieces here were all in my price range.

For more fun events in the GTA, check out the TdotComics Calendar.

-Michael Ryan, May 7th 2013

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