Anime North

Anime North is the biggest Anime Convention in Canada & people come from all over Canada & the US to attend. AN runs at the Toronto Congress Centre near the airport running from May 27-29

Anime is typically appreciated by younger crowds & thus attracts an audience mainly from 15-20 year olds however there is much this convention can offer you:

1. Swag – Anime North has the coolest STUFF in the dealers room
2. Tournaments – through out the convention there is lot of gaming, from Mortal Kombat, to Settlers of Catan to Dance Dance Revolution & Everything in between
3. Costumes – the amount amazing cosplays that are displayed at Anime North is colossal – last year my friend sat outside the convention with a camera & a picnic basket all day Sunday & was completely content.

This year I encourage you to try something different, try Anime North , step outside your comfort zone & take a look around, who knows you could love it more then ice cream !

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