Anime North 2010

Hello world,

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty sweet, I went to Anime North on Saturday. Usually I dress up and spend a lot of time walking around in the dealers room attempting to get good deals on manga with anime friends. I didn’t really come out to promote TdotComics, it was more for the sentiment and of course the cosplay! I ended up meeting up with Kendal, Stern and Brandi – they all enjoyed different aspects of AN. Stern went to a bunch of panels, Kendal was excited for the video game rooms, Brandy isn’t into Anime but together we all enjoyed walking around the parking lot leading to the convention and taking pictures of wicked cosplayers. I am usually on the other side of things, but it was a lot of fun just walking around and enjoying the spectacle of it all.

I didn’t get a pass this year, the line was outta sight – down the block and around the corner – I did borrow a friend’s pass to check out the dealers room and grab a couple manga, it was very disorienting – this year they had everything backwards – I couldn’t find anything and it was too crowded to actually want to run around and figure things out. I found the artist’s alley but usually they have a separate place for established artists and comic people. I had no idea where that area was. I shopped for a half hour – grabbed my stuff and motored like a jet.

Anime North has grown soooo large! I have been attending every year since 2005 with the exception of last year (had to work). I have to say that the crowd is maybe double the size than it was two years ago, there were lines for everything: entrance to the dealers room, lines for entering the double tree, lines to exit, lines to cross the street. I feel so much for all the people who drive there! At one point we were crossing the street and the pedestrian count down started at 99 (they have numbers that count down so pedestrians know how much time they have to cross).

This AN was really about chilling out for me. Life has been strange and stressful lately so it was nice to have the time to sit and talk to people. Brandi and I spent a lot of time sitting in the sun and watching the cosplayers walk by while chatting. I also got to meet up with Cassi (@nerdibird) and grab a bite & chat for a bit. This chick is awesome & you should check out her tweets. I am trying to convert her into a blogger and reviewer for the site. So many people have such diverse opinions on so many cool things! I love comics but even if I check out everything I ever hear about, there is so much stuff that I don’t know about and thus can’t cover it all! So if you read something amazing and you wanna tell the world, you should start on TdotComics!!

Enough of that! After AN I headed to the opposite side of the city with John to a party at Conor McCreery’s place which was pretty sweet. I wish I had more energy to party hard but a full day of Anime North had taken it’s toll. After chatting up the Kill Shakespeare crowd and hanging with Greg and Beth I said my goodbyes. This was a pretty sweet day.

People are taking their time uploading their AN pics so I will add them on later

Edit: here are some photos ^^

This ones is the best to the right of me is Stern and to the right of Spongebob is Kendal

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