Alice Quinn

photo by Josh Schonblum taken at Fan Expo 2011 with Caanan sketchcard

Alice Quinn was reborn April 1, 2005 when she took her mom to see Sin City in theaters. While her mom squirmed and begged to leave, Alice was intensely fixated on the film in front of her eyes. Before she had only known the pleasures of anime and manga, but that day she was reborn as a full fledged nerd.

After the film she went out and bought all the Sin City graphic novels and then went to the library and began browsing all the graphic novels that interested her and has been consuming them ever since.

Alice has attended every convention she could since then and has annually attended Fan Expo, Anime North(except for 09′) and TCAF.

Alice knew her destiny was to be part of Toronto’s comic scene, but how? Babies cry when looking at her doodles and as creative as she is, creating original characters and the worlds around them was too daunting a task.

Alice decided to do what she knew and loved – talking about Toronto’s comics and its comic culture. She decided to marry her loves in 2008 when she founded Since then Alice and the TdotComics team have has been slowly growing the website into an awesome online comics community where one can find out about cool events, neat comics reviews, and gain insight about creators through TdotComics’ interviews. Alice has expanded to her repertoire and started organizing events beginning with last May the 4th’s Star Wars Day TO, and in August 2011 TdotComics held people’s choice Comic Shop Awards- TdotComics’s The BEST online. Alice Quinn started production on the web show Quinntessential Comix #QCX in November 2011 and it continues to air Friday at lunchtime on YouTube.

“Alice Quinn: more then just a pretty face and cute outfits” Heada Cooper 2011

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