Alice interviews Bill Willingham

A couple weeks ago Bill Willingham was in town for the World Fantasy Con in Richmond Hill, and the Silver Snail got him to come in for a signing. Thanks to some previous Twitter conversations between Bill and I, and his lovely assistant and super cool chick Stephanie Cooke, I was able to get an interview! I’ve stated before that Sin City got me into comics; but Fables was the comic that anchored me into the comics fandom. This was a wonderful opportunity to chat with one of the most modest legends in the  industry, and a very inspiring fellow.

We didn’t have the opportunity to chat much before the interview, so I forgot to mention that I like to keep my interviews spoiler-free. There is a slight SPOILER ALERT for Cinderella: Fables Are Forever from 5:20 in the video, which ends at 6:17; it’s a minor spoiler that sets up the story for the book. I figured better warn you just in case.

For those who have yet to pick up an issue of Fables, I highly recommend it!

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