Adventure Time #1 signing


At the forefront of Cartoon Network’s emergence from their “experiment with reality TV” era is Adventure Time. Animated by Frederator studios, the show chronicles the vibrant and surreal adventures of a boy and his dog as they explore the surreal wonderland of Ooo. Ooo’s landscape resembles the kind of early NES game where you never question why bipedal fruit seems to always be attacking you. Also, dogs can shape-shift. The show is a big success, everybody loves it, fan-art everywhere.

Eventually the tie-in comic from Evil Mark Waid’s “Boom! Studios. was announced since they needed some new brands to fill the void left by their discontinued Disney and Pixar material. To write it they contacted certified Cool Dude Ryan North.

Ryan North is perhaps best known for Dinosaur Comics (often referred to as “Qwantz” since that’s the URL). A comic about the musings of a friendly and enthusiastic Tyrannosaurus Rex (left) and his innocent philosophy. Because of the magic of character and idea driven storytelling, there’s no need for new art every strip. Occasionally, God and Satan also chime in with their feelings. If you can’t enjoy the comic then there is a remarkably high chance you’re a tragic bore.

Since Ryan North is a resident of Toronto, we had the privilege of a signing of #1 the weekend after the book’s release.

The Venue:

Located near Honest Ed’s, Little Island Comics is a wonderful new comic store that opened last September filled with more young-reader oriented comics than I ever was aware existed (and a few pieces to help the younger transition into more mature titles). A lot of illustrated adaptations of classic literature instead of Marvel and DC floppies. It was totally the perfect venue for the launch of an all-ages ongoing series like Adventure Time.

I waited in line behind a pre-highschool student who had to restrain herself from begging her parents to buy half the inventory (I recommended she eventually read Understanding Comics).

The Event:

The signing was a busy event with people of all ages politely milling around eager for their new comics. I bought one since my own local store was sold out last Wednesday. After a few minutes of waiting in line talking to other patrons it was my turn to meet Ryan North. I talked with storyboard artist Steve Wolfhard about how cool John DiMaggio is. I thanked them for their work, and proceeded to explore the shelves. According to the event organizer, they sold roughly 140 issues of #1. After finding a Sonic collection I was missing, sweet Tory cashed me out and explained why the store didn’t have carpets instead of tile flooring.

The comic itself.

#1 feels a little short but keeps the tone of the series. The dialogue has something of a Dinosaur Comics vibe that I am okay with since the dialogue on the show is highly free form. One minor grievance, the story ends on a cliffhanger because it’s telling a tale too large for the format, although I’m not sure the end-on-a-downer cliffhanger format is really the best for an all-ages book.
After the main adventure there’s a brief Tree-trunks spotlight that has cute art but not what I was in the mood for after the first half had me psyched up. Next month’s back-up stars Marceline (Vampire Queen) so you know it’s going to be amazing.
As a fan of the show, I’m leaving this ongoing series on my pull list.

Getting a comic signed without paying admission to a convention and getting to explore Little Island Comics made this trip worth it. Since I’m from the Land Of Oooakville I’m not going to come out for every issue, but I’m really glad I was there for the historic #1. Ryan North is a regular at The Beguiling’s TCAF event so hopefully you’ll all see him there with your issues of #1 to get signed, and if you haven’t already, buy his potentially life-saving Time Travel Essentials T-shirt and/or poster.

Now the only question is why there isn’t a My Little Pony comic yet.

The next big thing on TdotComic’s list of cool events is the Con-G convention in Guelph. If you know any other fun things that are going to happen in the GTA, E-Mail us or mention them in the comments bellow, and we’ll add them to the TdotComics event calendar.

-Michael Ryan, 14/02/12
Those new single-compartment subway trains. Oh man, you guys. Seriously.

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