Bagged and Bored:  53 – What If?

08/14/2012 – To be honest, I would have been down for Ben Affleck directing Justice League. Very curious to see who they end up getting. Who would your pick be?

P.S. I know “What If?” was a Marvel thing. Smart ass.

  • David Barrentine

    Not really sure who I would want to do the directing but I know it would have to be just as great as avengers was. Maybe just see if Joss wants to do both. Why not? He seems to like staying busy.

    • Bagged & Bored

      In a perfect world, Joss Whedon would direct all the things.

      • David Fink Barrentine

        I would agree but then you’d have to wonder what marvels, pun always intended, would you run across? Could you imagine a porn directed by Joss Whedon?