24 Hour Comic Challenge @ the Lounge

Inspired by Scott Mcloud’s 24 Hour Comic Day and following most of the same rules, last week Keiren Smith organized a 24 Hour Comic Challenge at the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery. I chatted briefly with Keiren on scene and ended up hanging around and cheering on the participants for 6 hours. Sometimes I get carried away by comics events, in case you couldn’t tell…..

The beauty of posting this a week later is most of the people who are posting the finished of the 24 Hour Comic Challenge have them up online by now:
Christopher Yao and James Cooper’s Sad Robot
Rodrigo Bravo’s The Last Day
Brice Hall’s Two Happless Chaps
Aaron Feldman and Rebecca Slack’s Untitled
Anthony Smerek’s Untitled
Kawai Shen’s Legacies
Ricky Lima’s Huma Am
Adam Gorham’s Untitled
Aaron Broverman’s Untitled
In addition, you can get a full list of the participants, additional pictures and information on Keiren’s post on Comic Book Boot Camp.

Thanks to the awesome people and super cool organizations who put this together: The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery, Guerilla Printing, Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp, and Comic Book Embassy. Shout outs to all who participated; some worked on comics to be published later, some experimented with great ideas. All participants treated each other, the space, organizers, and the challenge with respect and everyone grew from it. Congratulations to the participants and all your accomplishments – you are an inspiration!

…. Such an inspiration that I organized a QCX fundraiser while hanging out at the lounge! It would be so sweet if you could come out and support us (and better sound quality)! RSVP on Facebook

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