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Episode 111


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×7 “Dead Weight”

In Season 4 Episode 7, “Dead Weight,” The Governor, a.k.a. Phillip, a.k.a. Brian, has either given in to his impulse for total dominance, or he never once gave it up. Some might see that as a flaw; I see it as just enough duality to allow my own interpretation.


Report On: CANterlot Convention 2013

Dear Princess Celestia Nobody doubts the popularity of My Little Pony now. There’s hundreds of cosplayers at every convention in Canada, and there’s numerous conventions in the states, so the [...]


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×6 “Live Bait”

After last week’s major surprise ending revealing the return of The Governor, we’ve been left to wonder just what shenanigans he’s been up to between then and his last escapade,, which resulted in the death of almost every able-bodied member of Woodbury. The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6, “Live Bait,” takes us away from the prison and its intrepid defenders to focus solely on what becomes of a man left to wallow in his own regret.


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×5 “Internment”

Hershel is an all American hero: his story is a life’s work spent saving animals followed by a retirement spent, not in some old folks’ home, but out on the fields tending to a farm with his daughters. When his quiet, peaceful life is cancelled thanks to the apocalypse, does he take the easy way out? Or does he throw on his slacks and keep doing whatever he can to be a good Christian? In Season 4′s fifth episode, “Internment,” the limits of what Hershel can accomplish for the good of everyone are put to the test. Not only does he survive, but unlike Shane and Carol, he does so without compromising his values as a Christian, a father and a guiding figure for the rest of his community.


Report On: Youmacon 2013

There are many conventions in the GTA, lots of excuses to cosplay and consume and browse exhibitors and meet famous people. It takes a lot to be exceptional, and it [...]


Canzine 2013: Zine Reviews and Links

When people ask about Canzine I say its the indie little sister of TCAF – low key, local artists, and most of the zine and comic price tags are under $10. I picked up a couple of zines and comics on my Canzine adventure, and I’ve decided to do some fittingly little reviews for these little books. I also thought it might be fun to share some links to some of work done by the artists and creators at this year’s festival.


Episode 110


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×4 “Indifference”

There are two kinds of people left in the undead world: those who have adapted to its vicious and unforgiving landscape, and those who were lucky enough to get by on the actions of others. In Season Four, Episode Four, “Indifference,” two groups of able-bodied members of The Prison put themselves on the line to provide for those who can’t. For them, the danger of getting chowed down on is no less tangible, but it’s become a secondary concern compared to the real issue: themselves.