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Episode 100

07/29/2013 -Oh snap! I bet you thought that dragon egg was a throw away gag when we first introduced it, didn’t you?! As of episode 100, Bagged & Bored is [...]


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode Two

Blake Glasbergen and Chris D’Alessandro are back to trash more trailers! Don’t forget to check out the links below and leave us a comment about what you think about the [...]


Alice’s ‘Been Reading’ June 2013 – The Big Feminist BUT, Speak of the Devil, Layers, We can still be friends

Here’s the most recent set of my ‘Been Reading’ reviews – if you want to know what it’s all about, check out the first edition from May and June! Original [...]


99 – Nom Pt. 2

07/15/2013 – With this episode, we close the book on Chapter One of Bagged & Bored. We’re celebrating episode 100 with massive changes in format and status quo for the [...]


Matt Bors Live Interview

A couple months ago Nicole from Ad Astra Comix invited me to interview Matt Bors after his presentation at this “The Political Comics of Matt Bors” event.  I was nervous [...]


98 – Nom Pt. 1

07/09/2013 – Hey! It’s that thing! From that episode! What could it all mean?!


Report on: Botcon 2013

With numerous appearances across all media, a new movie on the horizon, and almost thirty years of history, it’s developed a large and loyal following of fans who annually fly in from all over the world to share a building with hundreds of other aficionados – or at least those who can name each of the G1 combiner teams1 – and to meet with the contributing individuals who make the brand what it is. Botcon (June 27th-30th) is big, official, and old, but it still has a lot of room for improvement in years when there’s no movie coming out.


97 – Casting Call

07/05/2013 – All kidding aside, Vin seems like a solid fit for a few different Marvel characters. Anyone you’d like to see him show up as?


Crystal Fractal Shines, at its Own Pace

Although huge in scale, the slow pace of the main story takes away from a great premise of the Crystal Fractal Universe..