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96 – The Bucket List

06/27/2013 – Sorry we haven’t been quite on time the last few weeks. Work situations are making scheduling a bit of a task. We’ll hopefully get back to regularly scheduled [...]


95 – Fellowship

06/19/2013 – We’re inching ever-closer to episode 100, and excitement is building in the B&B camp. Five episodes to go!


94 – Super Saturation

06/11/2013 – You can’t turn your head without seeing/hearing about Man of Steel these last couple weeks. Dave is super excited for the film, but I’m still not sold on [...]


Niagara Falls Comic Con 2013

This past weekend I packed up my business cards, Wario cosplay and whatever cash I could scrape together and went down to Niagara Falls Comic Con! These are my thoughts and experiences.


93 – Heroes for Hire

06/07/2013 – We’re pretty late this week. Woops!

been reading

Alice’s ‘Been Reading’ – April & May 2013

I’ve decided to create this new segment on TdotComics – ‘Been Reading’ – to collect all my instagram ‘Currently Reading’ posts and to do a short paragraph on each book now that I’ve finished them and had some time to think. Since this is the first month doing this segment I’ve decided to double up on the fun and cover two months worth of material.


Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove’ All Teeth but No Bite

Netflix has been making headlines recently with its slate of original series, and with good reason. House of Cards (based on a BBC television series of the same name), starring [...]