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Report on: Anime North 2013 ^_^

May 24th to 26th is the launch of undisputed launch of Toronto’s convention summer. By the bus load, everybody over 14 who can name more than 100 Pokemon heads to [...]


92 – No Regrets

05/28/2013 – C’mon, like that wasn’t the first thing you thought of when you heard someone had built a full-scale Lego X-Wing


91 – Hogar the Apologetic Pt. 3

05/21/2013 – Hogar and Brandon finally bury the hatchet. With ice cream!


TCAF: The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2013

The weekend of may 11th and 12th was a very busy and hectic time for the city of Toronto. Some routine subway repair disrupted the flow of people. Thousands of [...]

darkness 1

Star Trek Into Darkness – Review

by: Martin Kessler

For better or for worse, and in spite of all the secrecy surrounding the film, Star Trek Into Darkness is probably exactly what you think it is. For folks who enjoyed 2009′s Star Trek, I would say there’s no reason not to see Into Darkness: you’ll love it! And for people not on board with J.J. Abrams’ approach to Star Trek, all your assumptions about Into Darkness are correct, so you can go ahead and skip the headache of checking it out.


Poking Around at Gotham’s Rotting Underbelly

“Joker” takes an intimate look into the inner workings of Gotham’s familiar crime circles.


90 – Hogar the Apologetic Pt. 2

10/14/2013 – Last week, we saw Hogar preparing a hand-made gift for Brandon, hoping to earn his forgiveness. Looks like Brandon has a far grander gesture in mind, however. This [...]


report on: Art-O-Con 2013

Jaded Dragon Studio’s Art-O-Con, where on May 5th 2013, hundreds of creative individuals sold their wares. Comic artists you would expect on Deviant Art to novelty knitters you would expect on Etsy, and a few steampunk prop developers, too.


89 – Hogar the Apologetic Pt. 1