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80 – Hogar the Hunter Pt. 1

02/28/2013 – I love writing Hogar, and the fan response to him is always great. Hope you guys are ready for our epic multi-episode story!


Report on: Artist Project 2013

The Artist Project Toronto, again located in the Exhibition Place, summoned artists from around Ontario (and a few from beyond) in one massive show of upscale vending and down to earth encounters


Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: The Horror and Shame of… Too Many Games

We all love gaming and collecting the games we like. But what happens when a gaming collection turns into an episode of ‘Hoarders’?

Pose struck!

Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 3×11 “I aint a Judas”

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead gives us the long awaited reunion of Andrea and the people who drove off thinking she was dead. Ironically, they’re the ones to wind up in a decrepit prison surrounded by zombies, while she ends up in Woodbury, where they have lemonade. When life gives you lemons, right?


Popcorn Panel: A Good Day to Die Hard

We sent writers Claire Brassard and Alix Vander Vlugt to the premier of A Good Day to Die Hard. Check out their opinions in our Popcorn Panel! Claire Brassard On its [...]


79 – The Best at What I Do

02/19/2013 – Prepare thyself for an epic saga starring HOGAR!


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead S3EP10 “Home”

This week on what I would consider my favorite episode this season: an attack on the prison leaves the Clan wounded, Darryl finally stands up to Merle, Woodbury is as vicious as ever and Michonne can’t shoot worth a damn. I’ve got two good things that stood out this week and one not so good, so let’s jump in.


The Secret Origin of the Comics Embassy with Interviews

by: Guest

 By Adira Rotstein Some comic fans & creators in Toronto may have noticed a new presence on Spadina. Located above a watch shop near Kensington Market the “Comics Embassy” has [...]


Report on: Frostcon

Growing out of the winter cosplay skating event, and after a quick Facebook poll to determine the name, Frostcon was developed by the Ontario Cosplay Society. Set apart from the crowded summer calendar on January 27th, 2013, Frostcon proved that a bit of chilly weather doesn’t stop the GTA’s convention scene from coming together for another round of dress-up. Still, it’s crucial to note that this first-year open concept convention was not named after or specifically in honour of scene regular Louis Frost (who did put in a brief appearance as an attendee).