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72 – Nerd Rage

12/31/2012 – Happy New Year everyone! Next week, we turn the creative team upside down and release an episode drawn by our writer, written by our colourist, and coloured by [...]


71 – Christmas 2012

12/24/2012 – Merry Christmas to all our awesome readers. Big things coming up in the new year!


70 – Being Human



Report on: Toronto AnimeCon (DTAC!)

It’s Toronto AnimeCon, but most people call it “D-tac” for short (although I have never heard it referred to as such in an official capacity). On the ninth of D-cember [...]


69 – Checking It Twice…


Nelson: An Anthology from Blank Slate Books

Originally posted on I did a guest spot posting some reviews with them. Here is the third one originally posted on October 16th Comic Review: “Nelson” An Anthology from [...]


Why I Didn’t Like ‘Skyfall’

I want to, first of all, state that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS in this article. If you haven’t seen Skyfall (the new James Bond film) yet, don’t read this. Second, I [...]


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead S3EP8 “Made to Suffer”

In this intense and awesome mid-season finale, everyone gets in on the action, resulting in some positively gripping firefighting. We meet with a much sought- after character from the comics after a long wait. And, most importantly, we start to see the cracks in a character I could swear was as cracked as he was going to get.


68 – Blackest Friday

12/03/2012 – Sorry for the week off last week, folks. Zach had some academic matters to turn his attention to. I tried to convince him ejucatshun isn’t necessary, but he [...]