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TADFF 2012 – Game Of Werewolves

by: Martin Kessler

Game Of Werewolves (2012) – Juan Martinez Moreno The short before Game Of Werewolves was called Game and was pretty fun.  In it, a victim being chased by hillbillies turns the [...]


Fatale: A Creepy Triumph of Style… and Some Substance

Image Comics’ Fatale hits all the right notes of the weird noir genre… but still feels hollow.

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Action Figure Expo 2012

by: Martin Kessler

The 9th annual Action Figure Expo, held November 11, 2012, was a blast. Held in the in the showroom of the Sheraton Parkway Hotel the space was packed full of [...]


Coverage: Industry Night at the Comic Book Lounge

This past weekend included the first Comic Industry Night we’ve had here in Toronto in a very long time. This one was put together by the folks at the Comic Book Lounge and coincided with a new gallery show of Marco Rudy’s Art.


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead S3EP7 “When the Dead Come Knocking”

In writing about the series for seven weeks straight, I’ve been challenging myself to ensure that the thoughts I’m expressing are the same thoughts I’d have had if I were writing this into my journal ,for no one but myself to read. So for this week’s episode, “When the Dead Come Knocking,” I was left with the feeling that things could have gone a lot worse. I was surprised at the show, not for what it did, but for what it didn’t do.


TADFF 2012 – Citadel

by: Martin Kessler

Citadel (2012) – Ciaran Foy The short that came before Citadel was a post-apocalyptic film titled Children Of The Dark which played out like a love  letter to The Road. While the production values [...]


Report on Youmacon 2012

Despite it being a far drive to the city of Detroit for many visitors, Youmacon is notorious for being a party convention, oriented towards people who want to rock out [...]


Giving the Gift of Geek: A Holiday Buyers’ Guide for the Comic Art Lover

Salutations, friends! We are now on the very cusp of the holiday season. Tinsel is flying. Mistletoe is being hung. Snowflakes are settling cutely on noses (in some areas.) Thus, I, from [...]


Wrapping up AvX

A look into the end of Avengers vs. X-Men and how it may affect the Marvel Universe as well as some pros and cons of Marvel’s latest big cross-over event.