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60 – Versus

10/01/2012 – If Pay-Per-View were still a thing, this would be the event of a lifetime. Who would you bet on?


Report on Unplugged Expo

Who wants another convention less than a month after Fan Expo? Well, if there’s one thing Fan Expo did, it left me with an appreciation of the benefits of smaller [...]


Free Events in TO [This week 25/9/2012] – Nuit Blanche

There are a lot of cool comic/nerdy events happening in the city this week & this weekend at Nuit Blanche. Now that most of the students have acclimatized to the new year, let’s get you out & having some fun at some really neat, free events!


59 – The Secret Shame Pt. 2

09/24/2012 – Are any of our readers Bronies? Show of hands!


Carried away with the X-men

There are hundreds of back-issues of X-Men material, and the range of quality is tremendous. Since they became popular in the 90s, it seems like everybody has a favorite era. [...]


Deadpool Kills Reader Interest, Leaves Reader Apathy Alive

A few missteps throughout the four part series leaves ‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe’ as a lack luster attempt at changing things up with no real consequences for the universe containing it.


58 – The Secret Shame Pt. 1

09/17/2012 – I don’t even know what to say this week, I’m too busy laughing at Dave’s expression in the last panel.


57 – And So On…

09/10/2012 – Today marks an exciting new chapter in Bagged & Bored as we introduce our new colorist: Dave Franciosa! We’re really excited about bringing Dave on board, and think [...]


56- Bold New Cinema(tics)