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Report on “I Heart Shakey” with Epilepsy Canada

Epilepsy Canada in conjunction with CTV and ITG Canada sponsor the release of the family oriented movie I Heart Shakey, a movie about a little girl who refuses to let go of her adorable and intelligent pet dog.


Report on Fan Expo 2012

Fan Expo Canada 2012 (August 23rd to 26th) was colossal, huge, massive, even bigger than itself. Canada’s answer to the San Diego Comic-Con was initially five separate conventions (dedicated to [...]


55 – Make a Wish

08/28/2012 – Despite the fact that things took an unfunny turn over the weekend with Liefeld blasting several of his former peers at DC, we thought the news itself was [...]


Feeling like a hero, looking like a dork

Marvel’s latest cash-cow The Avengers have a new game for the Kinect and WiiU and Fan Expo offered a chance to play the demo.


Photo-Bombing with Chris

Photos by: Blake Glasbergen Entering Fan Expo feels like that scene in Scott Pilgrim and The Infinite Sadness, when Scott and Todd race into Honest Ed’s and lose their minds. [...]


Fan Expo 2012 kicks off

Fan Expo 2012 begins Thursday, August 23 and goes until Sunday, August 26. Consisting of panels, discussions, movies, autograph sessions and celebrity Q&As, not to mention the vendors and exclusive items only available to the convention.


Legend of Korra, bending elements of awesome

I haven’t watched anime in a very long time- Why some might ask? I feel like I’ve already watched all the good ones. Like with every genre in every medium [...]


Report on the Canadian Joe Convention.

Despite focusing primarily on Real American Heroes, G.I. Joe has a considerable following in Canada. Clearly, heroism knows no political boundaries (also, neither does overly theatrical terrorism). For ten years, [...]


54 – Anticipation

08/20/2012 – Admit it: you’re excited.