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TADFF 2012 Summer Screenings – Juan of the Dead

Toronto After Dark Film Festival starts the awesome early with a series of summer screenings at the newly renovated Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

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Toronto After Dark Summer Screenings & the Return of the Bloor Cinema

Last night I saw Juan of the Dead and the short Ward 13 at The (new) Hot Docs Bloor Cinema presented by the Toronto After Dark Festival, I had an awesome time!

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Toronto’s 7th Can’t Stop The Serenity Event!

On Saturday, June 23rd, Browncoats from around the city of Toronto gathered at the Toronto Underground Cinema to celebrate the Toronto Browncoats‘ seventh annual screening of Joss Whedon’s amazing first [...]


Brave but not bold

‘Brave’ lacks the boldness and imagination of previous Pixar classics, but hey at least it’s better than ‘Cars 2′


47 – The Showdown Pt.2

06/25/2012 – The origins of Hogar’s hatred revealed!

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Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: The Epic “Big Plastic” Board Game

Trading card games, video games, RPGs, they all have their place. I love them, don’t get me wrong. But board games are my first love. There’s something about setting up [...]


The Road to Avengers Vs X-Men

Ten years ago, the X-Men and Avengers had a crossover. Earth’s mightiest heroes got together with the public face of mutation and wondered how to deal with The Scarlet Witch. [...]


DC’s New 52 Batman Destroys The Competition

Batman is everything. Detective. Inventor. Athlete. Fighter. And, on occasion, ninja. He’s a character that can – and has – do anything. He cannot be stopped. Unlike the ‘Big Blue [...]

Meet the Prometheus Crew of Scientists

Prometheus: Intergalactic Discovery Leads to Intergalactic Demise

by: Rebecca Bitton

Ridley Scott has done it again! He has managed to create another super-surreal, somewhat silly, pseudo-scientific film with determined characters who seek to solve the age-old question: where does humanity [...]