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Autobiography Book Club: Quinntessential Comix #19

Autobio book club! We had a lot of fun during this episode, we read: Chester Brown’s Paying For It: a comic strip memoir of a john ISBN: 9781770460485 recommended by [...]


…took an arrow in the knee. See how that gets your attention?

My first impression  of Skyrim was being  underwhelmed. The opening sequence begins with your character being bound and sent to their death along with a group of Nords known as [...]


Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: The Death and Afterlife of Games

It’s probably already happened to you: a game you love, that you cherish, that you collect and play and even obsess about, is cut down in the prime of life. Cancelled. [...]


The Walking Dead Season Three Speculation: Spoilers!

I know what you’re thinking, and it isn’t because I’ve eaten your brains. You want more of The Walking Dead, and dammit, you want it now. Perhaps worse than ever, [...]


36 – First Date Pt 2

03/26/2012 – Gentlemen, take your cues from Brandon here. This is how you seal the deal.


Burlington Toy Show: Spring 2012

Less than three months since the last one, and it’s time for another Burlington Toy Show. The last two were fun for a few hours, but there was a bit [...]

DK draws Alice for the Background of QCX 18

John “DK” Kartigan: Quinntessential Comix #18

This episode is pretty chill, we had an issue with one of our guests cancelled earlier this month and Andrew Uys (pronounced Ace) saved the show by sending DK over. We [...]


Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: Buyback Woes

Gaming ain’t cheap. If you haven’t discovered that, you will soon. I discovered that truism when I was 12 and bought the first game I ever purchased by myself, Samurai [...]

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TdotComics at Wizard World 2012

It is finally time, TdotComics is entering the convention scene, on the other side of the table! TdotComics will have a Fan Group table at Wizard World Toronto 2012. While [...]