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Filthy in all the best ways

Morrison’s ‘The Filth’ takes what is potentially wrong with humanity and displays it for the reader in all of its violent glory.


Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: Under the Spell of ‘Magic: The Gathering’

All right, I have a confession to make: I’m that Magic player. Yep, I’m that guy. The one who thinks he knows what he’s doing, but who keeps making stupid [...]


32 – Kickstart ‘Er

02/27/2012 – The buzz on the internet post-Womanthology has nothing on the ferver caused by the success of Order of the Stick. If you thought we’ve seen a lot of [...]

Picture 2

Chris Hardwick on Quinntessential Comix #14

This week on Quinntessential Comix we have a very special guest TV personality, podcast host, author, and nerd supreme: Chris Hardwick ! In the episode I briefly shout out the [...]


Pawnathon Canada

Dear collectors of Toronto, this cool TV show Pawnathon Canada is offering to price your collections, and if you’ve got the right goods they might just buy it off you [...]


Neonomicon is Moore’s darkest yet

Brutal, disturbing, brilliant and fantastic; Moore’s story, ‘Neonomicon’ brings a dark and violent tale to life with a compelling reality.


‘The Activity’ is a Happening Read

One of the blessings of this modern age of comics is the great variety of genres that you see. Honestly, I don’t think comicdom has seen this kind of bounty [...]

QCX 13 b

Quinntessential Comix #13 Gibson Quarter

Welcome to QCX the best weekly webshow about comics focusing on Toronto. This week we have Gibson Quarter joining us in studio we talk about working on Wasted, the release [...]

defenders variant

The Defenders – ‘What To Do with These Characters?’

Just like the sit-com, the comic book ‘team book’ is dead. It’s all been done before – any conceivable permutation and combination of characters and powers has already taken place. [...]