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‘The Walking Dead’ is back this February!

Still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day date? Well, what could be more romantic than curling up with that special someone on the couch, flicking on the TV and quietly [...]


29 – Creative Differences

01/30/2011 – We here at Bagged & Bored are heart broken at the news that The Infinite has been cancelled. We’re obviously huge Liefeld fans.

Alice & Sean  QCX

Quinntessential Comix #10: Sean Ward

Tenth episode woot! This time we sit down with Sean Ward, talk: comics, from the Beatles to Wu Tang & Lemon the dog joins us for parts of the interview [...]

How to be NERDY and score with hot babes

How to be NERDY and score with hot babes

I’ve been a nerdy guy for these past 20 years in which I’ve called the planet Earth my home. I remember being a young nerd and most importantly I remember [...]


‘I, Vampire’ a Tale of Blood with Little Bite

I love a good vampire story. And, apparently, so does most of North America. The Twilight books (and movies) are a huge phenomenon; there’s a new entry into the Underworld [...]


A Legendary Journey Continues – The Stuff of Legend II The Jungle

Max, Percy, Jester and the other toys continue their journey into the Dark to find their abducted boy, taken by none other than the Boogeyman.


28 – The Way to a Woman’s Heart

01/23/2011 – Brandon finally (accidentally) catches Alice’s attention! What will this mean for the future of Bagged & Bored?!?

bootcamp 2

Does ‘Halo’ work as a comic?

I’m a die-hard Halo fan boy.  It was the reason I bought the original Xbox, I waited in line for every new game release, I’ve spent countless hours on the [...]


Quinntessential Comix 9 – Ramon Perez

Alice Quinn interviews Ramon Perez, artist of A Tale of Sand on Quinntessential Comix, we talk about working with Jim Henson’s Script, other comics &, we take a trip to [...]