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The finger prints of our destruction

A Look at Holy Terror

by: Ricky Lima

There is a sick and dangerous force out there without any compassion or logic. It is coming to our homes to kill us and destroy everything we love. These monsters [...]


Critical Hit: ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Shadowplague’ is d20 + Excitement

I’m usually wary of comic – and movie – adaptations of gaming franchises. Whether it be Dungeons & Dragons, Street Fighter, or any other game, nobody really seems to be [...]


21 – Spoiler Alert

11/28/2011 – I’m fighting with whether we should do Christmas themed strips in December, or if we should just go about business as usual. What say you, loyal (and some [...]


‘John Carter: A Princess of Mars’ – Deceptively Simple

How I long for the moons of Barsoom. Ever since I first read Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter novels (taking place on a Mars called ‘Barsoom’ by its natives) I’ve [...]


Quinntessential Comix #2 – Maurice Vellekoop

You are in for a real treat! I was very fortunate to have Maurice Vellekoop in the studio, and we chat about Gloria Badcock, sex, art, and throw Spock a [...]


‘Incredible Hulk’ is Smashing… But for How Long?

Just so we’re clear: I was never a fan of the Incredible Hulk. Nothing against the character personally – I thought he was cool and all when I was a [...]


Toronto ComiCON 2011 coverage.

Hobbystar’s regular exhibition for all people looking for back-issues sold out at their local vendor or just seeking to pick up some rare First Appearances of some big characters.


Kick Starter – Elijah the Prophet & Project Lunch Money

So there is this neat website called Kick Starter that rallies people together to raise money for a project or cause. The idea is that you set a goal for [...]


Kill Shakespeare Live Performance

The wait is over, November 22nd the second Kill Shakespeare volume A Blast of War is released, the story chronicles the exciting conclusion to the Kill Shakespeare! As well Kill [...]