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We came to play – gaming coverage from Fan Expo 2011

As many of you know, the big nerd event of the year in Toronto occurred just this past weekend. Hobbystar’s annual Fan Expo Canada is certainly the largest comic convention [...]


08 – A Rare Breed Pt. 1

08/29/2011 – This week, we introduce the one and only Alice as a new ongoing character! What does her appearance mean for the future of Brandon’s love life? Only time [...]


07 – What’s in a Name?

08/22/2011 – The cast of B&B begins it’s slow and steady expansion with the first new sure-to-return character: Death Star the Kitten!


Convention attendee necessities.

All the things you can bring to a convention to have an excellent adventure.


Vampires, vampires everywhere so let’s all have a bite.

As we all know, remakes have become a mainstay of Hollywood production companies. They are constantly on the lookout to find ways to make new money out of old ideas. [...]


06 – Shouldn’t Have Asked

08/18/2011 – Today is the last of our Thursday posts! Starting next week, we’re moving to a once-a-week Monday schedule. Zach & I will be at Fan Expo next week [...]


What’s with all the Ponies?

A look into and some reasoning behind the current mania over the popular show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Is it possible to explain magic?


05 – As Advertised

08/16/2011 – I see billboards all over the place saying operations start at $490 per eye. What a deal! I wonder how much the ability to fly costs…


Girls Day Out

This Saturday UysFaber is  holding Girls Day Out! an event at Paradise Comics to launch Totem Sacred #1 and catch up with the nerdy  girls in Toronto. Jaclyn Armstrong 17 [...]