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02 – P.O.V.

08/04/2011 – This conversation actually happened. It has been altered ever so slightly, though, but let’s call it the first (of surely many) “based on true events” episode of B&B. [...]

Bagged & Bored: Episode One Thumbnail

01 – What Now?

08/01/2011 – The DC Comics “New 52″ initiative has undoubtably caused some friction among the fanbase. While there are plenty of legitimate reasons to be upset about certain things happening [...]


The Deathly Hallows Part 2: A review

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the final installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise has set major, major box office records. Can you think of any other movie that [...]


Mid-summer Film Follow-up.

When you’re interested in a brand and not willing to wait for a sequel, here are some suggestions to satisfy you in the interim and enrich your understanding of where the comics and characters came from.


Bryan Lee O’Malley @ The Beguiling

I don’t know where you were Saturday July 10 2010 but I was at the Beguiling for a huge Scott Pilgrim vol 6 release party! It was a wonderful event [...]


Canadian Joe Con 2011

Michael Ryan goes to the airport Sheraton to hunt for some toys and mingle with the other dedicated fans of Hasbro’s toy line about America’s daring highly trained special mission force. Yo joe!


TCW Holmes Inc. #2 Launch and Open House!

As of July 5 the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop will be located at  587 College Street (at Clinton). TCW shares the space with Guerilla Printing and they are having an open house [...]