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Botcon 2011

A exhibition of marketing and consumerism and other scandalous nerdy things i can’t get away with any other weekend. Zodberg documents his Big American Adventure for the year.

Most of the cast from X-Men: First Class

X-Men First Class: The Review

by: NickLP

Before X-Men: First Class was released, I had many preconceived notions based on pre-release information and rumours. In this review I compare those expectations to the final film and see how it stacks up against what other X-Men movies have been and what I think an X-Men movie SHOULD be.


In Brightest Day…A Spoiler free review of the Green Lantern movie

Let’s get something clear right off the bat here; I am a HUGE Green Lantern fan. I have been reading the book avidly for the last ten years and have [...]

Can’t Stop the Serenity

The Sixth annual Can’t Stop the Serenity Worldwide Charity Screening presented  by the Toronto Browncoats. A Screening of Joss Wedon’s Serenity followed by a cash only auction. 12:30 – 5 [...]

Canadian Joe Con

The Canadian convention catering to fans of the Hasbro toyline G.I.Joe and related media properties including all generations of the comic book series, cartoon, and ongoing movie series. Featuring special [...]

Nerdy Little Secret Debut Show

Nerdy Little Secret, the June 11th edition, stars Gavin Stephens, Niles Seguin and Fraser Young and features Nerds With Guitars, Deborah Robinson & Blair Streeter.Comedy Bar945 Bloor Street West Saturday, [...]

Scott Robertson Book Signing

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DC to relaunch EVERYTHING. Fanboy to be WORRIED.

The internet has been abuzz lately with the announcement from the DC head offices that all existing titles being published by DC comics will be rebooted starting August 31st, 2011. [...]

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Nerd Mafia Promo Party

On June 5 2011 the people of Nerd Mafia Toronto congregated in Andrew Uys’s backyard for friendly and reciprocal promotion … also beer and food! With the help of my [...]