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The Next Day Toronto book launch and exhibition

by: Austin Paul

On Tuesday, May 3 at the NFB Mediatheque in Toronto, Pop Sandbox are celebrating the launch of their newest graphic novella The Next Day written by Paul Peterson and Jason Gilmore and illustrated by John Porcellino.


Recent updates – Star Wars Day TO

This event is shaping up so well, I am really looking forward to it! It is continually becoming more awesome with the help of Sean Ward & Michael Nus (the team) and of course our wonderful sponsors Sticker You, Guerilla Printing, West 49, Silver Snail, Teletoon, Category 5 Printing, & Hearth


Adam Samec

Teacher by day, Geek by…well…all the time really. My journey into the realms of Geekery that would shape my very existence started way back in 1984 while watching  He-man and [...]


The Doctor is in; Thoughts on the Season 6 premiere of Doctor Who

The Doctor, a centuries old time traveller from a world long since dead, returns to television screens in his flying blue Police Box and faithful companions in tow. The Impossible [...]


Watch Shakespeare and then Kill Shakespeare

The creators of the popular comic which “mashes up” all of the Bard’s greatest heroes and most menacing villains in the same world and story are teaming up with one [...]


Cosplay through the Years

Contrary to popular belief I wasn’t always a comic nerd, in fact I came to comics through way of manga and anime. The reason for being such an anime nerd [...]

even people without fingers!

Green Lantern in brief, part 3.

Space becomes unnecessarily crowded with different colored Lanterns shooting lasers at each other.


Star Wars Day TO

HEY I am super excited about today’s post I get to talk about something I’ve been working on for a while  Star Wars Day TO I am working in association [...]


Artists Help Japan this Sunday at REVIVAL BAR

by: Austin Paul

Jeff Lemire among other Canadian artists will be sketching to raise money for Japan this Sunday, April 17 at the REVIVAL BAR on College St.