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Library Picks – New Years Addition

A Bunch of Short Reviews on American Born Chinese, Wonder Woman: Bitter Rivals, Batman:Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul, Batgirl: Destruction’s Daughter, Invincible, Bayou, Library Picks, Alice Quinn


Batman @Teletoon

After the social part of the evening we went in for the screening. This was actually my favorite one, the animation is bold but at the same time jovial and comedic. The episodes were great I felt in this screening there was a lot of group laughter and I think as a whole we really enjoyed the experience.


Ban:Sidekicked – A Review

The Book revolves around Ban a Batman-like hero, he fights crime mainly solo and hangs in the shadows quite a lot. Of course Ban has allies who include characters like Daywing and what would a hero be without an arch-nemesis or two? The comic follows Ban as he attempts to fight evil, but it is the little things he dismisses that come back to bite him in the ass.


Exit Wounds

Exit Wounds starts with a taxi driver in Israel going about his day-to-day life when he gets called in on job where the client asked specifically for him- Koby Franco. He finds his passenger who would like to speak with him in private. They speak in the park Numi explains to him that she thinks his father was killed in a bombing in Hadera and is an unidentified body in the morgue.

TdotComics/Alice News

We sill have a lot of things planned for TdotComics (including a relaunch!) but right now I need to learn to manage my off-time more efficiently. Hopefully the outcome of that will be more regular posts from me & a better TdotComics experience! So please bear with us as we go through some changes.


Clone Wars at Teletoon

We saw Episodes 12, 13, & 14 featuring a new star wars character- Savage Oppress this guy is pretty neat -he looks like Darth Mal but he is yellow & Ventress wants to make him her pawn to use against her old master who betrays her. These episodes are really good, mainly because they focus on what is going on in the dark side, & the good jedi just haven’t got a clue.