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Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes @ Teletoon

Last night I had the pleasure of attending another Teletoon screening and this time we got to see episodes of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. No offense to Star Wars Clone Wars fans but this was way more up my alley.

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Can Comics Rebound?

by: alex

The 3rd quarter sales of comics have been released and it’s bad…very bad….sales are down across the board. Rather than do another 5000 word piece on the subject (check my [...]

Red Movie

My movie review of Red

by: Guest

When I first heard they were turning Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’s book Red into a movie I was a little dubious. It was only 3 issues long and not [...]

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Nov 21 – Hobby Star Comic-Con

by: alex

On November 21st HobbyStar is having one of their minor cons at the Metro Convention Center. It’s a one-day event from 11-5.


Lost Girl

So there is this new series on Showcase that has been heavily promoted in the subways – Lost Girl. My first thought was what a stupid name – will the second season be called ‘Found Girl’? The ads depicts a woman standing defiantly in an apocalyptic firey scene that just doesn’t seem to fit with the title.


Playstation Holiday Preview Event

Alice’s impressions of Sony’s newest products from the Playstation Holiday Preview Event

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Action Satisfaction Supreme #3

At long last the return of Russ in the newest issue of Action Satisfaction Supreme. In this issue Russ is confronted by his past in a coma brought on by a VD outbreak that has not only infected Russ but has spread thought Hollywood as well. This issue explores Russ’s past in Hollywood, his rise to fame and his fall due to drugs and a terrible girlfriend