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How many comics should you bring to get signed? 2!

by: alex

After attending Wizard, TCAF, Fan Appreciation and FanExpo, I have determined conclusively that the perfect number of comics to bring for any artist to sign is 2. 1) A lot [...]

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Fan Expo Prep

by: alex

First things first…I am completely and utterly insane about organization…so some of this will surely seem over the top…and it probably is. Here is how I go about prepping for [...]

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Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea – Guy Delisle

Comics are awesome and fun, but there is so much that can be done in the medium that can’t be done in print or film. Pyongyang is one of those graphic novels that can educate you and open up your mind without previous knowledge or familiarity of the subject.


True Blood #1 COMIC Review

Two interesting things about the issue itself firstly it comes with a four page fold-out poster that can be easily removed & plastered on your bedroom wall! Flipping to the back I discover there are not 2 or even 5 but 12 alternative covers. I have cover #3, but honestly that must be such a pain for collectors, would anyone want 12 alternative covers with any issue of anything?