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Scott Pilgrim (Movie) Review – w/ minor spoilers

by: alex

Caught an advance screening of Scott Pilgrim tonight at AMC Yonge/Dundas and thought I would provide my thoughts. I loved the movie. I think the screenwriters did a fantastic job [...]

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Are comics dying?

by: alex

In the old days (early 1980′s), I followed Savage Sword of Conan and Groo the Wanderer…I also remember collecting Transformers, G.I. Joe and a bunch of other comics. As you [...]

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Invincible Gene – Review

by: alex

In my efforts to add all (yes all) of animations greats, I have started to collect comic types. Whether it’s original artwork., commissions or signed comics/books; my goal is to [...]

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X-Men #1, X-Women #1, Invincible Iron Man Annual Review

by: alex

In my re-emergence into comic books I have been backtracking to catch up. I recently finished the Age of Apocalypse event (solid), Planet Hulk and World War Hulk (good), Marvel [...]


Canada Day & Octopus Pie

I am gonna fill you in on the past couple days. Yesterday was Canada Day and I wore my colours even though I looked a little mismatched, it was all about the red and white. I love Canada even though I may not know everything that goes on in our politics and haven’t seen most provinces.