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X-Men: Misfits (The Manga)

The story and are are done as per traditional Manga style while staying true to the X-men story, the focus of the book is Kitty Pryde who is learning about her mutant abilities while crushing on boys (with manga it is mostly about the boys)


The People VS. George Lucas (2010) – Review

by: Guest

When the credits are rolling at the end of documentary and you’d be willing to sit through another hour of talking head interviews, you know it is a good documentary. The People vs. George Lucas (2010) is a good documentary.

Chan - Ernie Chan Batman Commission - Thumbnail

Q&A with legendary comic artist Ernie Chan

by: alex

Doing justice to Ernie Chan in a paragraph is pretty much impossible. He’s a legend in the comic world, having spent numerous years with both marvel and DC. He’s probably [...]


Life Since Tuesday

I have never seen Big Trouble in Little China but Ella has been excited about for this screening for weeks, and I could see why, that movie is hilarious! So many moments when the entire theatre burst out in to howling laughter, this was certainly a good call, just what tithe doctor ordered after the past couple days.

Dressed for Success - Thumbnail

Q&A with “Dressed for Success” creators Jeff Wasson and Chris Howard

by: alex

Jeff Wasson and Chris Howard, two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, sat down with tdotcomics to discuss “Dressed For Success” and their experiences and an independent publisher. Their [...]

TCAF in its entirely

Here I am going to attempt to share all of my Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) experiences in four sections.

Wheaton - Ken Wheaton Commission

Q&A with Simpsons and Popeye comic artist and teacher Ken Wheaton

by: alex

Ken Wheaton is a talented U.S. artist whose comic book projects have included Radioactive Man, Futurama, Popeye Picnic #1, and Mister Magoo. I had the chance to impersonate Ken multiple [...]


TCAF Prep!

What Alice will check out at TCAF and her top secret meeting at Ramon Perez’s studio