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Bad Kids - Alice Quinn

Q&A with the creators of “Bad Kids Go To Hell” Barry Wernick and Matthew Spradlin

by: alex

Tdot’s own Alice Quin w/ Bad Kids Tattoo Barry “Bazza” Wernick and Matthew Spradlin are the creators of “Bad Kids Go To Hell”: a comic about “six prep school students [...]


Raising Hell – Andy Belanger

I just read Andy Belanger’s Raising Hell and I am in complete awe.

In fact that is all I could feel for a while, but breaking it down and looking at everything that makes up the comic, each part is top notch. (in no particular order)


We’re going to have to move

I knew this was going to happen at some point, I had hoped for more time though, I fear we might not be ready
ning is going to give us the boot
now I gotta purchase a domain & find someone to desgin a website for me


Wizard World – 3 day account (from a volunteer)

by: alex

Alice persuaded me to post on her site and so I thought I would start with a edited/altered version of my 3 blog posts from my 3 day volunteer span [...]

My little sister kicks ass!

Ok so today has been pretty good. Ok screw that statement – everyday since last Friday has felt like a Saturday and it has been fantastic!